Upon vehicle delivery

Upon delivery , the main driver as well as the additional drivers must show their passports or identity cards and their driving licences; also the main driver's credit card or any companion's one is necessary as guarantee.

Minimum age

The minimum age to drive is 23 years old, holding driving licence for at least 2 years.

Authorization to circulate

Our vehicles have only authorization to circulate in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal; any transfer out of the peninsula is strictly forbidden (Baleares Island, Canary Island, Ceuta and Melilla).  To drive into Portugal has an extra charge of 50€.

The rental price includes:

* Collection and return at Málaga airport (08:00 – 22:00)
* Unlimited kilometres from 4th rental day on
* Insurance excess depending on model
* 24 hours roadside assistance
* 1 additional driver

The rental price does not include:

*Collection and return between 22:00 and 08:00. An additional charge of 15€ per service will be apply.
* Collection and return at any place at the Costa del Sol different from Málaga Airport. An additional charge between 10€ and 70€ per service will be apply.
* Limited kilometres up to 250 daily on the 3 first rental days, maximun 750 km.; applying an additional charge of 0,10€ for exceed kilometre.
* Additional accessories: baby seats, booster seats, navigation systems...
* Expenses caused by traffic fines, lost of keys, mistakes in fuel refueling, special cleans, carelessness damages inside vehicles…

Fuel policy      

On delivery the vehicle will be usually full of fuel , so it has to be returned with the same amount of fuel you picked it up.
No fuel charge in advance. No extra charge for refueling service if for any reason you are not able to return the car with the same amount of fuel you picked it up. No refund for unused fuel.

Insurance with excess

Depending on the group of vehicle, the established excess  is:

Group A, B, C and D: 450 €
Group E, F, G, I and J: 550 €
Group H: 600 €
Group K: 650 €
Group L and M: 850 €


Fully comprehensive insurance

You can get fully comprehensive insurance:

- for only 8 €/day, minimum 60€ and maximum 120€, in A,B,C and D groups.
- for only 10€/day, minimum 80€ and maximum 160€, in E,F,G,H,I and J groups.
- for only 15€/day, minimum 100€ and maximum 200€, in K,L and M groups.


 Tyres, damage or loss of keys are not covered by insurance.